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  • Geo-intelligent AI and Machine Learning integrations

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  • Consulting from financing to implementation
  • Customized solutions for business processes
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25 +

Qualified employees

450 +

GIS projects

400 +


When you need the best solution

The best professionals and the best equipment are essential for customers' successful projects.

We strive to give priority to the best quality, while maintaining a reasonable cost-effectiveness ratio. The use of drones and ultra-light aircraft revolutionizes administrative processes in agriculture, energy and other fields, offering not only significantly lower costs but also safety in use, efficiency and promptness.

Land shares

We cover the entire workflow, from A to Z.

All the flights we perform are previously authorized by the Ministry of National Defense and announced to the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority. We also constantly invest in the most efficient and safe equipment, which ensures a perfect flight mission.

  • Experienced technicians
  • Own software solutions
  • Top equipment
  • Internal data processing
  • Price corresponding to the quality
  • Permanent telephone support
  • Free consultant
  • ANCPI authorized personnel

Our team

Understanding the role and importance of geospatial information, our journey began 6 years ago with the mission of leveraging geospatial intelligence to answer the four factors: when, where, why and who.


The integration of an IT department has increased beyond expectations the company's ability to create and adapt its own products to the wishes and needs of customers, thus being able to offer cloud GIS solutions on-premise as well as mobile solutions for data collection and management in just 2 years land


The equipment we work with is based on the latest technologies and comes from established suppliers such as PhaseOne, DJI, Topcon. All our drones are registered with the Romanian Civil Aviation Authority (AACR) and our pilots are certified for photogrammetric and inspection flights.


The company is accredited Class I by the National Authority for Cadastre and Real Estate Advertising (ANCPI) and the activities carried out fully respect the legal framework in force.

Stelian Banica

Commercial Director

Cristina Draghici

Operations Manager

Florin Nache

Tech Director

Monica Constantinescu

Operations Director

Viorel Alexandru

GIS Expert Pilot

Daniela Stoicescu


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